Haix Interactive Slider EN

On this page you will find all information about the HAIX Interactive Slider. The sliders serve to illustrate the HAIX premium products in a transparent and playful way. To integrate the slider individually and functionally into your page, please use the following HTML package for individualization:

Download Interactive Slider Web Resources

How to configure web resources for use with the Interactive Slider

Download the web resources shown above and unzip them to your desktop:


From the product page of the corresponding product for which you want to create the slider, download the outer image and the inner image (these can also be found in the segment downloads under "Slider").


Save the outer image as "1.jpg" and the inner image as "2.jpg" and move both files into the directory "img" of the folder "sample-slider". If necessary, replace the existing files with the same name:


Open the file "sample.html" in the main folder. Your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, ...) opens and the slider is displayed:


You can take over the structure for your website and load the slider online onto an FTP and display it online:


For examples of integration, see also:

Interactive Slider Web Demo